Ranjith, his alma mater being Trinity College, Kandy values tradition and was inspired by David Paynter, the then famous artist who restored the murals of the College chapel.

From this early introduction to art Ranjith developed a classical and traditional old school approach to art by further testing his creativity with colour painting in oils and finishing life drawings in charcoal.

A graduate in economics, western history and geography, he pursued a busy executive career in the mercantile sector which drew him away from his all-time favourite hobby

However on retirement he rediscovered the talent hidden within him and gave it a new life with the guidance and encouragement from Ms. Nadine David, herself a student of David Paynter.

A very stubborn student, Ranjith didnít abide by the rules and went onto encapsulate creativity onto canvas as and when he wished, according to his moods and moments. Human emotions and inner feelings are depicted in narrative painting where colour dominates the picture. Using soothing subtle colours or darker tones with different textures, Ranjith picks and chooses the hues according to his moods and settings.

Since art is a wide spectrum where inner feelings are given priority, colours enhance expressions and add the final touches to bring about an exquisite piece of work.

Inspired by the snake charmers, palm readers, gypsies and especially street children Ranjith believes that the hidden beauty within them is an incomparable godgiven gift. Their complexion, the dusty streets, lifestyles sketched in charcoal and mounted on a frame depicts his artistic techniques unfolding a story by itself where his work remains outstanding, ethereal and eternal.

Every masterpiece involves much time spent on research and colour studies, maintaining quality in his paintings. His surroundings, the royal reigns of the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British and the ordinary day-to-day life inspire him to enhance his creativity.

Ranjith made a major break through with his solo exhibition held at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery, where his work was exhibited in oil, water colour and charcoal. Along with his fascinating hobby, Ranjith brings out the unforgettable past to the present, to create awareness of the rich, traditional values of Sri Lanka.