"He unashamedly cites his influences as Constable, Rembrandt; the old masters. I say unashamedly, because in a world where art without bodily fluids or dead animals is considered rather passé, to follow the traditional techniques almost has a frisson of contrariness. He isn’t contrary though. He is simply doing what he wants; the luxury of age."

Tom Whipple Journalist , UK - October 27, 2005   Read full story

"His paintings like all true artists are moved by the world to create what they wish and interpret. He gives you simple joy with fluidity and confidence, conveying classical qualities with hints of expressionism and elegance of movement."

Thomas Bunn Art Collector, Uk   Read full story
"Ranjith Perera has created a portrait that is alive; it makes you want to know what is happening in his subject’s world, just out of the frame."
Sarah Jane Szikora Artist,Uk    Read full story
"The eyes are impelling, beckoning the viewer to take a deep look inside the very soul itself, be it ‘My Little Sister’, the ‘Girl with Araliya Flowers’, the ‘Smiling Water Carrier’, the ‘Kandyan dancers’ or even the painting titled ‘Alert’ with a couple of deer.
The Sunday Times Plus October 23, 2005    Read full story
"I am so happy to see how your technique has improved in every aspect – your colour, drawing from negative and positive space.
Nadine David Artist ,Sri Lanka